10 Unique Small Wedding Ideas

10 Unique Small Wedding Ideas. 

When it comes to weddings, people usually imagine huge celebrations with hundreds of people. But you don’t have to invite every single person you know to have a fun wedding! A small, intimate wedding can be just as fun – maybe even better.

There are so many different perks of having a small wedding. A shorter guest list with only the closest people in it, a cut down on wedding costs (or a proportionally larger budget to work with), more customized seating, and of course, it’s more intimate and your guests will feel extra special.

So, if you want to keep it nice and intimate when you tie the knot, here are 10 unique ideas for the wedding of your dreams.


1. Make it a destination wedding

This is a perfect option for those couple who have a destination they have always dreamed of visiting. Not only will you get to cross it off your bucket list, but you will also get to enjoy it with all of your closest friends and family.

Plus, you won’t have to travel far for your honeymoon…


Local musicians is one of the best small wedding ideas!

Hiring local musicians is a really great idea!

2. Musicians

Hire a small group of local musicians to play all of your favorite love songs on your big day. You can even ask your wedding guests to include a song they would like to hear when RSVPing. This way, you, your significant other, and all of your guests can enjoy their favorite tunes live!


3. More personal wedding favors

Forget the sugared almonds or box of cookies – make your guests feel extra special with more personal wedding favors.

You can create cute gift baskets with mini bottles of bubbly, cute mugs, individual welcome notes, or even slippers for when it’s time to take a break from those high heels!


4. Signature cocktails

Instead of serving just the classics, like wine and beer, make a real statement with a signature cocktail.

From a watermelon refresher to a blueberry-basil margarita to lavender-infused champagne – there are so many different cocktail recipes to choose from to add that personal touch to your celebration. And don’t forget to think of a clever name!


Photo booth will provide you with the best memories

Taking photos in a booth can really provide you some everlasting memories!

5. Rent a photo booth

Everyone is going to be taking pictures anyway! Why not rent a photo booth – guests will love the opportunity to capture the moment. Not to mention, it’s great for breaking the ice as well.

But if a photo booth sounds too simple for you, you could even look into renting a video booth where guests can record quick messages for you and your significant other.


6. Serve unexpected, unique cuisine

Go all the way with your wedding meal and serve something more unique than the basic chicken breast. How about lobster, filet mignon, or even personalized pizzas?

And of course, don’t forget the snacks. They’re the best part! A mashed potato bar, mini grilled cheese bites, milk & cookies, tiny donuts – the list goes on… Get creative and serve something no one will expect but everyone will love!


7. Go for a custom dessert

Without hundreds of guests, there’s no need for the huge formal wedding cake. So skip the cake and go for a custom dessert instead.

You can consider something like cute mini cakes with special embellishments, such as flowers, jewels, or even the guests names on each one!


This is a really great idea for any occasion, actually!

Make sure everyone has enough “refreshments” for the next morning!

8. Something for the morning after

It’s highly possible that your guests won’t be feeling their best the next morning. So, surprise them with mini hangover kits, including water, aspirin, and yummy munchies.

Your guests will definitely be thanking you for that!


9. Child care

Chances are, some of your guests may have kids. So, hire a babysitter and set up a playroom for them, filled up with different toys and snakcs.

This way, not only will the parents be able to check up on their kids at any time, but they will also be able to wind down and really be in the moment with you, knowing that their kids are being looked after.


10. Transportation

Wedding day stress will be at its peak, so hire a limousine service for you and your friends and have one less thing to worry about.

Get a big limo to pick up all of your guests from their homes and take them to the wedding.

You could could even get a party bus with dancing poles, an audio system, and club lighting to get everyone in the party mood before they even arrive! There are tons of different vehicles to choose from to satisfy your budget, taste and needs.

Plus, when hiring a wedding limo service, you will also get special decorations, a professional chauffeur, drinks, a “Just Married” sign, and red carpet treatment! All you will have to do is sit back, relax, stretch your legs, and give your beautiful wedding gown the room that it deserves! What’s not to love?!