20 Birthday Party Ideas in Chicago

20 Ideas For A Fun Birthday Bash In Chicago. 

Planning a birthday bash can be stressful! From building a guest list, to searching for the perfect location, to planning the menu – it can get so stressful at times that you might even end up second-guessing whether you should be throwing a party in the first place. Luckily, we are here to help.

The windy city is full of great places for a fun birthday bash, so we’ve rounded up our top 20 ideas. From going on a brewery tour to riding a limo – we’ve covered it all. All you have to do is choose!


Lasers are awesome!

Laser tag is a really fun way to celebrate your birthday!

1. Laser tag

Who said laser tag was just for kids?! Add some adrenaline to your night with some old fashioned laser tag. You’ll have tons of fun and burn calories at the same time – it’s a win-win!


2. Go to a comedy show

Grab a front row seat to a comedy show and prepare to laugh your birthday butt off! And all while sipping on your favorites drink – sounds perfect to me.



Picnic is simple yet it makes memories last!

Have a cozy picnic with your best friends!

3. Have a picnic in the park

If the weather is promising, take advantage of it with all of your best friends at your favorite Chicago park. Just grab some snacks & drinks and spend your day in the greenery.


4. Go on a brewery tour

If you want to do a bit more than just go to a bar – a brewery tour is a great option. Not only will you you learn all about beermaking and see how it works, but you will also get to drink the freshest beer in town!



It might be a great time to have a fancy dinner on your birthday!

Have you ever been in a fancy restaurant?

5. Have dinner at one of Chicago’s best restaurants

Your birthday calls for a fancy feast! Book a table at one of Chicago’s tops restaurants and dine your birthday away.


6. Become a pizza chef for the night

Why go out for pizza when you can learn how to make your own instead?! Gather all of your closest friends and learn every trick in the book to a perfect pizza.



Another great spot for your birthday!

Lake Michigan is really, really, really beautiful!

7. Cruise around Lake Michigan

There are tons of cruise companies that offer cruises around Lake Michigan, starting from Navy Pier. Plus, they usually offer dinner and entertainment as well, so you pretty much get the whole package!


8. Play some ping pong

Because going to a simple bar is just too mainstream, right…? So head to one of Chicago’s ping pong bars and show off your backhand! Even if you’re not that good at ping pong, your friends will probably let you win anyway…



Karaoke is a really great way to relax and just have pure fun on a birthday.

It’s your time to shine on YOUR special day!

9. Show off your vocals at a karaoke bar

Whether you can sing or not – that’s nothing a few drinks couldn’t fix. Hit up your favorite karaoke bar in Chicago and sing your heart out on your birthday! Just keep the drinks coming and the volume up and you’re sure to have an absolute blast!


10. Plan a staycation

Make your birthday extra special this year and pamper yourself with a night at one of Chicago’s top hotels. Luxe amenities, exceptional service, delicious food and drinks, and great views – what more could you need?


Remember your childhood on your birthday.

Nostalgic memories are great, especially on your birthday!

11. Head to an arcade bar

Relive your childhood at one of Chicago’s arcade bars. Think a pinball table, bubble hockey, Pac-Man, and tons of booze. There’s no better place to spend your quarters!


12. Pamper yourself with a spa day

If you don’t want to go crazy on your birthday and would rather just relax, a spa day is perfect for you. Ditch the booze for a massage and a facial, and pamper yourself like crazy on this special day.



Make some lifelong memories on your birthday!

Experience some really breathtaking sceneries!

13. Enjoy a helicopter experience

See Chicago like never before with a fun helicopter tour. Expect the most spectacular and unique views of the windy city!


14. Go bowling

If you want to do something simple for your birthday, try a good, old fashioned game of bowling. Adult bowling parties are just as fun as kid ones! Maybe even better…



Rooftop bars are extremely popular for a reason!

Great company & scenery might be everything you need on your birthday.

15. Cocktails at a rooftop bar

Delicious drinks with your best friends and a good view? Count me in. A rooftop bar in Chicago is definitely a place where you could just sit back, relax, and take it all in.


16. Do a beach day

If your birthday is in the summer and you don’t want to do a lot of planning, just head to the beach instead where you and your friends could relax and work on getting that vitamin D.



Support your favorite sports team on your special day.

What’s not to like about watching your favorite sports team on your birthday?


17. Go to a sports game

If you’re a sport fan, check out if there are any games going on on your birthday and go cheer on your favorite team!


18. Listen to some live music

Check out if there’s a big concert in town or go see a local artist – either way, live music will definitely spice up the night for you!



Learn the secrets of mixology on your birthday!

We all have wondered how does bartender make such great (or bad) drinks… Now it’s time to learn the answer and make some drinks for your friends and yourself!


19. Go to a mixology class

Don’t just sit around a drink cocktails, learn how to actually make them! At a mixology class, you’ll learn the basics of cocktail creation while making your own drinks at the same time. An experience that is educating, fun, and filled with tons of alcohol!


20. Get a limousine

You can never go wrong with a limousine on your birthday! Not only will you feel extra special with the luxury interior and first-class service, but you will also be surrounded by all of your best friends.

So get a limo to take you to and from all of your birthday destinations and not a minute of your birthday will go to waste – it has fun written all over it!