5 Tips for Your Chicago Airport Limo Service

5 Tips For Your Chicago Airport Limo Service. 

When it comes to a business trip, vacation or any other occasion for which you’ve booked a flight and need to get to and from Midway or O’hare airport, finding transportation can be very stressful. But it doesn’t have to be!

The last thing you want to happen is to miss your flight due to poor transportation service or wait for hours at the airport after your flight waiting for a driver to pick you up. What you deserve is to sit back, relax and know that you’ve booked a reliable service and your driver will be there on time. Here are some tips to make the most out of your airport limousine service!

1. Weigh your options

You’re probably aware of the various options of transportation: from taxis or ubers to limousines. You also may be wondering which option is best for you. Well, we believe that booking a limousine is by far the best and most convenient option.

First of all, we always arrive on time so you’ll never miss a flight and we also use flight tracking, so no matter if your flight arrives too early or too late, your trusty driver will always be there just when you need them to be.

Also, with a limousine, you’ll get a professional chauffeur, super comfortable leather seats, moody lights, and a great audio system! All you’ll have to do is sit back, relax and we’ll take care of the rest. And there also won’t be any taxi meters, so once we give you the price, there won’t be any surprises or extra charges. The initial price you get is the price you pay!

Lincoln MKT is one of the favorites!

2. Choose your car

When booking a limo, feel free to choose whichever car you’d like for your trip to or from Midway or O’hare and enjoy your trip to the fullest! At Naperville Limousine, you can choose from the luxurious 3-passenger Lincoln MKT with USB ports and reclining leather seats, the 3-passenger Hyundai Equus with an entertainment system and ventilated rear seats, the 6-passenger GMC Yukon with a great audio system and leather interior, the 8-passenger Lincoln MKT Stretch with a bar, club lighting, a flat screen and leather seats, and the 14-passenger Mercedez-Benz Sprinter Shuttle with moody lights, a sound system with a flat screen, a luggage compartment and private glass with blinds.

Whether it’s just you or your whole family going on the trip, you’ll be sure to find a vehicle that fits your needs. If you’re traveling with a large group, instead of booking several smaller cars, book a larger limo and travel together!

If pictures aren’t enough for you to make your choice, feel free to contact us to check out the cars in person before making a reservation.

3. Set your budget

As we mentioned, when you book a limo, you get the price upfront, so no need to worry about any extra charges or surprises. The price depends on the car you choose, the pickup time and location, dropoff location and whether you need to make any extra stops on the way. You can always get a quote and find out the exact price before making any reservations!

It’s not a necessity to leave a tip, but if you feel like your chauffeur deserved some extra credit – don’t hesitate!

4. Know how to tip

Our prices already include the tip in the final price, so there’s no need to worry about the tip during the trip. But if you really like your chauffeur and would like to leave some extra gratuity, you’re always welcome to do so. But whether you want to leave an additional tip and how much is completely up to you.

5. Know what you’re paying for

People choose limos to take them to and from the airport over other transportation methods for many reasons. While comfort and luxury may be the main and most obvious ones, there are far more reasons.

One of the most important things that people look for in transportation is punctuality and not having to worry about being late to their flights or waiting at the airport for their driver after a long and tiring flight. When booking a limo, you can be sure that the driver will always arrive on time and take you to the airport just when you need to be there, day or night. We also use flight tracking to make sure your driver is there even if your flight is late or early.

Another great thing about limos is the etiquette of your driver. If you’ve ever had an annoying and unprofessional taxi driver, then you know how important this is! When booking a limousine, expect a professional and considerate chauffeur who will attend to your needs and ensure a relaxing, luxurious and comfortable trip to or from the airport.

And as we’ve mentioned before, you don’t need to worry about an unpredictable taxi meter when booking a limousine! The price you get at the reservation is the price you pay, so don’t worry about any hidden fees or surprises.


Hopefully, by now we’ve cleared up any question marks you may have had about airport limo services. And as you can see, there are so many benefits of booking a limousine to take you to or from the airport. You deserve the very best before or after a long flight and booking a limo will give you just that. So book your luxurious, relaxing, on-time, safe and comfortable trip today!

Contact Naperville Limousine to book your Chicago airport limo service at 630-778-5959 or get a quote.