Get to know more about airport limo service

Get to know more about airport limo service. 

When it comes to getting to and from the airport – there are many different transportation options to choose from. From a taxi to an Uber to a limousine – your options are certainly not limited. However if you ask us – a limousine is by far the best option.

Whether you are heading to or from O’hare or Midway airport, here at Naperville Limousine, we offer rides that are luxurious, professional, comfortable, safe, reliable, and, of course, always on time. Expect to leave all the frustration and stress behind. Just sit back, relax, and let our professional drivers take care of the rest.

We know how after a long flight, all you want is to get home safe and sound. Which is why for airport pickups, we use flight tracking to ensure we are there when you are, and you will be home before you know it!

Think leather interior, audio systems, moody lights… It’s truly a dream come true, especially before or after a long flight.  

Not to mention, here at Naperville Limousine, once we give you a price – it’s final. No metered trips, no surprises, no extra charges.

Our airport limo service is always ready to serve our clients!

Always at your service!

So whether it’s O’hare or Midway you are heading to or from – day or night – chose a car from our fleet, make a reservation, and enjoy your ride to the fullest. Our variety of luxury cars includes the Lincoln MKT (3 passengers, reclining leather seats, USB ports), Hyundai Equus (3 passengers, entertainment system, heather & ventilated rear seats), GMC Yukon (6 passengers, leather interior, audio system), Lincoln MKT Stretch (8 passengers, leather seats, bar, flat screen, club lighting), and the Mercedez-Benz Sprinter Shuttle (14 passengers, sound system with flat screen, private glass with blinds, mood lights, luggage compartment). Whether the trip is for your whole family or it’s just you alone – you are sure to find the perfect vehicle  to take you to/from any Chicago airport.

Now for the million dollar question…

How much is a limo ride to the airport?

The price of your limo ride depends on a number of factors, such as the vehicle you choose, the pickup time, the final destination, whether or not there will be extra stops, and more. However, one thing you can count on is for the final price to actually be the final price. No metered trips, no surprises, no extra charges. You will know the price of your trip before it even begins!

Do you tip a limo driver?

Usually, our prices already include tips and taxes, therefore you don’t have to worry about having extra cash. However, if you thought your driver was extra professional, some extra gratuity always makes them happy.

How much to tip a limo driver?

Again, this completely depends on you. If the price already includes the tip for the driver, you don’t have to worry about leaving a tip. If you do, however, decide to leave an extra tip – how much to leave is totally up to you.

Also, some businessmen just want to enjoy their relaxing ride!

Why do people hire limo to/from airport?

There is a number of reasons why people choose to takes limos rather than other transportation services to and from the airport. The most obvious reason why is because of the luxury and comfort. However, there are plenty of other reasons why people hire limos to/from airports.

Such as, the luxury of no waiting time when you book your limousine in advance. And this is especially nice when you are returning home after a trip. We all know that after a long flight all we want is to get home safe and sound… So, instead of having to search for a taxi service as soon as you land, you can expect your limo will be waiting for you at the airport. Plus, we use flight tracking for airport pickups, so we will be aware if you’re flight is running late.

Not to mention, with a limousine, you won’t have to worry about watching the taxi’s meter climb higher and higher with every mile. And we all know how annoying that is… We offer flat rates and you will know the price of your trip before it even begins.

Last but not least, the drivers etiquette. We’ve all dealt with those rude and annoying taxi drivers and their loud, obnoxious music. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying all taxi drivers are like this, but there definitely are quite a few and you never know which driver is going to pick you up. However, with a limousine service, you can expect high-class service and professional, courteous chauffeurs, who are very knowledgeable about the proper behaviour during a limo trip. You will get the peace and quiet that you deserve before/after your flight.

As you can see, the benefits of taking a limousine to or from the airport are absolutely endless. So, whether you are flying out or returning home – book your limo with Naperville Limousine now and expect a luxurious, comfortable, safe, stress-free, and on-time trip.

To book your airport limo with Naperville Limousine, call us at 630-778-5959 or get a quote online.

Your chauffeur awaits…