Your trip to a concert was never this exciting

Your trip to a concert was never this exciting!

Have a concert coming up anytime soon? Make the best of it by booking yourself a concert limo service!

What are the benefits of taking a limo to a concert?

Our concert limousine service guarantees always on time service.

Get yourself lost in a concert while your chauffeur is waiting for you!

With a limousine service to get you to and from your concert, you will be able to leave all of your worries at home and truly be in the moment. Directions, traffic, parking – forget it all! Your professional limo driver will take care of that while you get to just sit back and relax.

Not to mention, taking a limousine to your concert is a whole lot of fun! You and all of your friends could be picked up straight from your homes and get to the concert all together and at the same time!

And of course, your limo ride will also be like a pre-party before the concert. You’ll get to be your own DJ and listen to all of your favorite hits while sipping on your favorite drink at the same time and enjoying the luxury of your limousine service.

Then, once you arrive at the concert – you’ll already be hyped up and ready to party!

And as soon as the concert is finished, you will have your driver waiting for you – ready to take you back home safely. It’s truly like a dream come true!


What are your limousine possibilities?

When choosing your concert limo service, there are tons of different vehicles to choose from. Depending on the number of passengers and how luxurious you want your ride to be, the prices vary.

If it’s just three of you, we recommend choosing from the sedans, such as a Lincoln MKT or a Hyundai Equus. Both of these would cost around $180 for a 3 hours service with a charge of $54 for every extra hour. These cars are quite similar but some of the features are a bit different. With a Lincoln MKT you could expect reclining leather seats and USB ports. While with a Hyundai Equus, you’d get an entertainment system as well ventilated rear seats.

If there’s six of you heading to the concert, a great car to choose would be the GMC Yukon, which is slightly larger than the sedans. The GMC Yukon costs $216 for a 3 hour service with a charge of $72 for every extra hour. Some features of the car are that there is stunning leather interior and a great audio system.

Getting to a concert with our concert limo service was never so stylish!

One of our favorites – Lincoln MKT limousine.

If you would prefer some extra space or if there are up to eight people going to the concert, you should get a limousine such as the Lincoln MKT Stretch. This limousine costs $270 for a 3 hour service with a charge of $84 for every extra hour. This limousine will definitely make you feel special with its leather seats, bar, flat screens, an audio system, and club lighting.

For 12-14 passengers, an ideal vehicle to get you to your concert would be a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Limousine or the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Shuttle. They cost $360 each for a 3 hour service, with a charge of $120 for every extra hour. With these shuttles, you could expect a great sound system with a flat screen, a private glass with blinds, and moody lights.

Moving on to a bigger crowd of up to 16 passengers… For a group of people this large, a great car to choose is the Hummer H2 Stretch. This limo has a bar, music center, flat screen, and club lighting. It costs $540 for a 3 hour service, with an extra charge of $180 for every extra hour.

A slightly bigger limousine would be the Infiniti Stretch. This one is perfect for a group of up to 18 people. You could expect a very luxurious ride with a bar, music center, flat screen, and club lighting. All for the price of $840 for a 4 hour service, with a charge of $210 for every extra hour.

Now if your group of friends heading to the concert is even larger – from 22 to 30 people – you should get a party bus. A party bus costs $840 for a 4 hour service, with a charge of $210 for every extra hour. With a party bus, you could expect a high-end sound system, full dance floor, club lighting, a bar, and of course – tons of space!

So, as you can see, the fleet to choose from when heading to a concert is huge and the prices vary from $180 up to $840. But no matter which limousine you choose, you are surely to have the night of your life.


It makes you feel special.

You can feel like a rock star with our professional services.

It’s your chance to feel like a rock star!

With a concert limo service, you’ll feel like you’re the star of the concert. Your own personal driver, a luxury car, professional service, good music, drinks, and all of your friends in one place – could it get any better?!

So, don’t miss out and book your limo to your upcoming concert now with Naperville Limousine!

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