Prom Checklist: 5 Things to Take Care of Before Prom

5 Things To Take Care Of Before Prom. 

As prom night is approaching, the excitement is rising and so is the stress. From getting your nails done to finding the perfect vehicle for transportation – there is just so much to do before the big night and it can get overwhelming.

To ease the stress just a bit, we have created a prom checklist of things you have to take care of before prom. And we’re not talking about buying a dress or finding a date – because we know you’ve done that already! These tips may not have crossed your mind at first, but trust us – they’re very important.

It’s your prom night after all! A once-in-a-lifetime event that you will remember for the rest of your life. And we know how much you want it to be just perfect…

So, without further ado, here’s your prom checklist of things you have to take care of before the big day. Read it, check if you’ve got everything covered, and then double check.

Prom Checklist:

Getting ready for a prom with your best friend (or best friends) is more relaxing and assuring!

Try out your new dress and make sure all your appointments are in order. Take your friend with you, too!

1. Double check to see if the dress fits

Don’t make the mistake of buying your prom dress months before the big day and not even trying it on again until then. A few weeks before prom, double check to see if your prom dress still fits like a glove. If not, take it to a local tailor for alterations. They may take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks – so keep this in mind!

And don’t forget to make sure all your jewelry and clutch is in place as well! We don’t want to be looking for that at the last minute, do we?

2. Make sure you have your hair, nails, and makeup appointments in order

Your hair, makeup, and nails are definitely an important part of your prom look! So make sure you have all your appointments in place.

Hair and makeup, of course, should be done on prom day, but you can schedule your manicure and pedicure a few days before prom. This way, you will have one less thing to do on prom day! Plus, it’s better not to have a super tight schedule on the day of prom just in case something doesn’t go as planned and your whole schedule doesn’t go down the drains.

You need to feel 100% ready and 100% comfortable on a prom night.

Having those new, great-looking shoes is one thing, but being comfortable wearing them – that’s a whole another story! Make sure you are really comfortable wearing them.

3. Break in those new shoes

This step is so often forgotten by many ladies!

If you’re going to be wearing new shoes (which most of you probably will) – make sure to break those babies in before the big day! Walk around your house with them and practice that strut.

Trust us, taking your shoes for a test drive will be one of the best pre-prom decisions you make. Not to mention, then you will know if you need anything like band-aids or non-slip sole grips for prom night. Better safe than sorry!

4. Plan your pre-prom pictures

Whether it’s going to be at a nice park or in your friend’s backyard – be sure to plan the location and time of your pre-prom photo sesh in advance. Put a lot of thought into the location, as these are photos you will be looking back to in the future.

Once the time and location are settled, make sure everyone (including your parents) knows, so there’s no confusion when the day finally comes.

Prom is an importation occasion, make sure you are really feeling like yourself, too!

Make sure to pick up the type of transportation which makes you smile. Such occasions occur just once in a lifetime, so make sure you are really happy during this special occasion!

5. Finalize transportation

There is a lot more that comes to transportation than you may think. Who is riding with you? What time are you leaving? Will you get to prom in time? What kind of vehicle are you taking? Make sure you have the answers to all of these questions before prom and, of course, have your vehicle booked and ready to pick you up.

A limo is by far the best and most popular option to choose for prom night. Not only will you get to your destination with grace and in style, but you will also have a blast doing so!

Think leather seats, an audio system, club lighting, a fully stocked bar of soft drinks, and all of your best friends by your side! Plus, you won’t have to worry about a thing (such as traffic or parking), as your personal chauffeur will take care of all that. All you will have to do is sit back, enjoy your company, stretch your legs, and give your beautiful prom dress the room that it deserves!

Prom night is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you will never forget, so book a limousine to make it even more special! Do keep in mind that during prom season limousine bookings are in high demand, so it’s best to book your limousine as soon as possible.

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