Top 10 Summertime Activities in Chicago

Top 10 Summertime Activities in Chicago. 

Isn’t summertime just the best? The weather, the tan skin, the extra free time, the ice cream… so many things to love about this season. In Chicago, summer opens up so many opportunities, making it one of the greatest places to spend the warm time of the year.

We all know how cold and unpleasant the weather can get in Chicago during other seasons, so summer is the perfect time to try out all of those outdoor activities that you weren’t able to before. But if you’re still unsure about the best ways to spend your summer in the city, we’ve got you covered! Below, you’ll find a list of the top 10 things to do in Chicago during the summer. From music festivals to bike rides, to strolls around the park, you’re in for a summer you’ll never forget!

1. Go to a music festival

A huge advantage of living in such a big city is that there are so many music festivals during the summer! The most known one is Lollapalooza but if modern pop isn’t your thing, then check out the various jazz, rock, and country festivals!

It’s time to enjoy the view!

2. Take in the views from a rooftop bar

What could be better than sitting up on a rooftop, sipping your favorite cocktail, enjoying the views, the warm summer breeze and chatting with your friends? Chicago has so many different rooftop bars, so if you’re here during the summer, be sure to check out at least a few.

3. Let loose on the beach

The beach just never gets old. Whenever the weather gets hot outside (and we know that during a Chicago summer, it can get VERY hot), the best way to have fun without getting sun sick is to grab a book, put on some sunscreen and spend the day at the lake!

4. Rent a boat

Summertime is pretty much the only time you can enjoy a boat ride without it getting breezy or raining. So call up your friends, book a boat, load up on food and drinks, grab your swimsuits and pump the music for a day you and your friends will never forget.

Millennium Park is a great spot, too!

5. Take a stroll through Millenium Park

Millenium Park is one of the biggest treasures of the city of Chicago. The art, the architecture, the people… We all know how cold it can get in Chicago during other seasons, which makes a stroll through the park not as fun as you’d hoped. During the summer, however, you get to take everything in while also feeling the warm summer sunshine on your face.

6. Ride your bike along the Lakefront Trail

Enjoy the mesmerizing views of Chicago architecture on one side and Lake Michigan on the other by taking a bike ride along the 18-mile Lakefront Trail. If you get hot, take a swim at one of the beaches you’ll be passing or take a stroll through one of the parks located near the trail!

7. Take an architecture boat tour

Chicago has some truly amazing architecture all over the city but many people don’t really know much about it. If you’ve been living in the city for a while or are just visting, this boat tour is definitely a MUST. Take the architecture boat tour along the river to get to know more about the city, the buildings, and the history. It’s so beautiful and interesting that many people take the tour numerous times and still can’t get enough!

Take food, take your friends and enjoy what nature has to offer!

8. Have a picnic

A great way to take in the warm summer weather and get some fresh air is by having a picnic! Grab a blanket, pack some food and drinks, and have a fun and relaxing lunch at a Chicago park with your significant other, your friends, family, or just go alone and enjoy your own company!

9. Take a walk at Navy Pier

Navy Pier is one of the top places everyone should visit in Chicago. The amazing atmosphere, the Ferris wheel, and the mesmerizing view of the city at the end of the pier all guarantee a wonderful experience. So be sure to visit while it’s still summertime!


10. Book a limo

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